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The Monty Cleaning Solution

The jetwash-free, fast yet gentle cleaning solution that preserves the natural strengths of driveways, patios, block-paving, natural stone and decking.

Having problems cleaning and keeping your external surfaces such as driveways,paths, patios, roofs and used materials such as, stone, slate wood, concrete, bricks clean?

we all strive for that attractive well kept home look and feel, but Jet washing is messy, time consuming, damaging. Year on year cleaning becomes harder and harder and much-loved gardens show the destructive effect of high pressure water pounding away at the surfaces. Wood splintered and looking shabby, the softer sandstones losing there sharpness. Jetwashing also removes the sand from between the block work on your drive, the harder surfaces start creating black rings impossible to remove with further high power jet washing just pushing the roots of natural growth deeper and deeper into the surface.

Worry no more we have spent literally years developing “Monty,”our instant and safe external cleaner. With its formulation created to to tackle years of natural growth, eliminating dangerous slippery walking areas, instantly improving dramatically the visual aesthetics of almost any external surface and also eliminating the need for aggressive jet washing.

“Monty” Application is so simple and fast, at least ten times faster than jet washing - just simply apply “Monty” solution to the area to be cleaned by the way of a simple pump spray. Or if you require larger-area application use a simple electric diaphragm pump and leave for 6-10 minutes. Then, just rinse with a garden hose to reveal a deeper, brighter and longer lasting cleaned surface. Removing stubborn black rings and year on year getting better cleaning unlike conventional jet washing.

Turn stubborn cleaning jobs into minutes not hours with “Monty” - the cleanest solution!