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Jetwash Free Cleaning Services

Jetwash Free Cleaning

Our jetwash-free, soft cleaning solution for home exteriors, garden features and furniture doesn’t damage surfaces or strip out fillers and sealants the way jetwashing or pressure washing does.

We use our unique cleaning solutions, especially developed in-house to provide a safe “soft-cleaning” process that cleans without damaging all kinds of exterior surfaces from tarmac and block-paved driveways, patios, rooves, exterior rendering, walls, brick, stone and decking.

Yes, our jetwash-free solution is even safe to use on decking, fencing and even garden furniture without marking the wood or removing varnish.

Jetwashing causes lasting damage to many surfaces, breaking down surface sealants, strips out joint-filler, abrades surfaces and can physically mark wood due to the high-pressure spray.

You can trust our gentle but thorough soft-cleaning method to clean while protecting your home and garden.

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Jetwash-free soft cleaning won't damage surfaces