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About Evolution Cleaning Services and Solutions

Many years in development, and now the real work begins..!

Our Monty cleaning solution was developed by Martin, he knew that the bacteria, molds, fungus and algae growing on the exterior of buildings, walls and driveways were more closely associated with an infection rather than a stain. After working closely with a local commercial chemist, he came up with a new solution/product mix that cleans, sanitizes and achieves much better results, in a fraction of the time than the messy blowing and blasting of pressure/jet washing and steam-cleaning.

Coupled with the consumer, becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of cleaning products and cleaning methods. This spurred Martin to develop the Monty solution with a unique ‘agricultural style’ application process that delivers maximum coverage, with faster and better results than any other cleaners. Quite clearly giving us the opportunity to lead the market with this innovative delivery system and green cleaning technology.

After a number of years testing and fault finding, we decided to patent our solution. Including all the legal requirements needed to start the commercialization of our revolutionary new Monty solution technology. With this, the idea is to supply a service where we are to attend any given site and clean the requested surfaces with our tried and tested solution. Now we can also supply the solution to the general public as all the final details are cleared by the relevant governing bodies.

We are proud of the results and ease at which the Monty Solution gets to work. The satisfaction in dealing with delighted customers who literally watch years of built up dirt slip away in minutes is outstanding.

The foundations our company is built on - To get the very best results quickly, quietly, with no inconvenience to our clients. We show up on time, with polite, professional staff and of course, offer great value for money.